Selctra advise that the Government is rolling out smart meters into all homes and businesses before 2020. However, research shows that a huge percentage of the population are still not aware of the options available.Working in conjunction with the smart meter authorities nationwide, Selectra are ensuring that all local councils have the up to date, correct information on their websites to ensure we are fully prepared as a nation for this switch. Provided below are links to full guides domestic and non-domestic smart meters handed to us by the Government.

Non-domestic -

Domestic -

Inspiring Libraries 2018-2021


Friends of Bunkers Park

Please click on the link to read the full management plan BPMP 2017 PDF v3

A message from Geoff Doole:

Here is the annual programme for 2018.

Luke is working to divide up the coppice so we can get an idea of the annual amount we need to cut and this can be part of our discussion on Saturday. We are not suggesting the Friends cut all of it as there are other groups and even contractors who can be involved but it will give us a structure to follow to make best use of the crop. We still need to think about thinning woodland and some general maintenance so there is no shortage of jobs. There are some mid week activities this year mainly in the summer to cut grass in the rides but this will help the overall programme and allow those of us who have retired to work at our own pace without trying to prove to the younger ones that we can still keep up! Hope you can attend some of the dates and, as usual, if you can let us know during the week before the event if you can make it, we can arrange for sufficient food.

2018 List of Planned Events

  • 15th September - Bunkers Park (coppicing).
  • Any ideas for the work programme let me know and I will send out a more detailed programme identifying what we plan to do on each activity day to keep the work varied.

Please contact Geoff Doole, Friends of Bunkers Park Co- ordinator or Vaness Johnson at Dacorum. should you wish to join in with the activities.



Are you interested in visiting Frogmore Paper Mill? Then click on the link below kindly provided by Derek Pullen, Frogmore Paper Mill and then book your tour.

Frogmore Paper Mill An Introduction









Please support ‘Forget Me Not Memory Boxes’

A small local ‘not for profit’ organisation that helps recently bereaved families.

A complete box cost approximately £15 but gives priceless memories such as photos, feet and hand-prints to a bereaved family.

Any monies raised would buy memory boxes for local families at a time when they are at their lowest point emotionally.

Whatever the value of your contribution it all goes into providing those precious irreplaceable memories.


Bunkers Park Welcome Belted Galloways

Councillor Jan Maddern took pictures to mark the arrival of a small herd of belted galloways to live and graze in secured fields at Bunkers Park, Nash Mills.