Looking For Funding?

Residents’ Association Initiative

Are you thinking of organising a Residents’ Association within Nash Mills?

then contact either Dave Jackson or Jan Maddern. To access councillors contact details they are available under the tab 'Parish Council' then click on 'team'.

 They can advise you and point you in the right direction! Otherwise email the clerk for further information.

Please speak to your Parish representatives as the Parish Council may be able to help with the cost of set up fees to get the group started.

Nash Mills Parish Council have been looking at making funding and allowances available for your local Residents’ Association.

As you may be aware Nash Mills Parish Council are now funding an ongoing annual allowance to all registered Residents’ Associations within the parish. Some of you have already taken us up on the offer.

The estimated amount per Residents’ Association could be a potential £200.00 per annum.

If you would like to set up a new association additional funding would be provided subject to conditions. Part of the application and eligibility criteria would mean that the RA’s would have to report back to Nash Mills Parish Council advising them on how they intend to make use of the funding.

Each Residents’ Association would have to set up either a club or society bank account or similar. Nash Mills Parish Council have advised that no personal cheques would be issued.

Should you wish to apply please email me your details. Alternatively, if you know of a local group intending to set up a Residents’ Association please forward them this email.

Residents' Associations within Nash Mills

Chambersbury Residents’ Association

In the mid 70’s Chambersbury Residents Association (CRA) was formed by the residents of 140 to 208 Chambersbury Lane to fight the proposed traffic access, in and out of the planned North End Estate. Although the access was built this did not deter the residents and CRA grew and now formally covers the houses from 111 – 210 inclusive.

From the early days of just “residential issues” the CRA now has a thriving “social scene”; organising quizzes, walks, charity events, outings to theatre, greyhound racing, ten pin bowling, plus a whole host of other activities for its members and their friends and family.

More information available from Richard Ball, Chairman. The link to CRA is rjcn.ball@hotmail.co.uk.

Other Residents' Associations within Nash Mills are Nash RA, Wharf RA and The Willows RA along with Longdean Park RA. For more information on any of the Residents' Association mentioned on this page contact the Parish Clerk who will be able to point ypu in the right direction.